Our Process

Sample Submission

All the cases submitted to LabMedExpert must meet the minimum acceptance criteria and registered on our web-based client portal https://app.clinilims.co.uk

  • Patient Name
  • Patient DOB
  • Referring Laboratory Number
  • Specimen details and collection time

Preparation of samples

According to the control of substances Hazardous to Health regulations, the samples should be transported in appropriate containers and transportation procedure. It should be completely covered by the fixative and the container securely sealed.

Courier collections

LMED team can arrange collections to meet requirement, whether ad-hoc, daily or regular collections. Collection requests should be directed to courier@labmedexpert.com with sufficient time to arrange a collection on any given day (before 11am), or up to one week in advance. All collections will be by weekday overnight courier unless otherwise requested. Cases can be sent directly to the laboratory address (LabMedExpert Diagnostic Limited, University of Wolverhampton Science Park, Glaisher Drive, Wolverhampton WV10 9RU).

Customer Support

LabMedExpert has a well-organized support team who manages the process from sample reception, to reporting and return. Our team of laboratory professionals are available to offer technical advice and any queries regarding logistics and delivery of results.

Electronic Delivery of Results

LMED offers a fast and secure method of receiving reports for both cellular pathology specimens and other diagnostic tests via our user-friendly web-based portal.

Turnaround times (TATs)

Specimen Turnaround time
Histopathology samples
Slides cases for reporting 4-5 working days from receipt
Blocks for reporting 5-7 working days from receipt
Wet specimen for reporting 7-14 working days from receipt
Microbiology Samples
Urine culture 2 – 3 Days
Faeces culture 2 – 3 Days
Swab culture 2 – 3 Days
Molecular Samples
STD’s 24 – 48 hours
SARS-CoV-2 24 – 48 hours
All Urines 24 – 48 hours
All Swabs (rectal, throat, nose genital, wound, throat etc.) 24 – 48 hours
MRSA 24 – 48 hours
MSSA 24 – 48 hours
Clinical Chemistry
Pancreatic disease 7 - 24 hours
Inflammations 7 - 24 hours
Rheumatoid factors 7 - 24 hours
Blood samples for Kidney functions 7 - 24 hours
Blood samples for liver functions 7 - 24 hours
Heart functions 7 - 24 hours
All other clinical chemistry Tests 7 - 24 hours

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Our cookies

Our website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Thank you!