The international training programme at LabMedExpert is an initiative set up in 2021 by Mr. Kunle Akanbi, the training coordinator of the Organization. The programme aims to recruit science graduates to be trained in the fields of Histology and Microbiology for about 7 months. The candidates should have an undergraduate degree or be enrolled in a university to apply for this programme. The students can carry out their final year project and dissertation here at LabMedExpert. The entire training is split into two phases.

  • Phase 1: Online training for a period of 6 months comprising of the theory sessions where the theoretical knowledge and the basics of the courses are gained.

  • Phase 2: Hands-on-skills intensive practical training at one of LabMedExpert laboratories in the U.K for a period of 5-6 weeks.

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The Phase 1 of this training program will enable students to apply for the practical-oriented training and equip the students with a CPD accredited certificate which qualifies them for the Phase 2 course at LabMedExpert in the fields of microbiology or Histology in the U.K.

The key aim of the programme is to train international students on biomedical techniques that would enable them to gain U.K laboratory experience in a U.K diagnostic-settings laboratory.

The skills have its benefits in

  • Job purposes within the U.K diagnostic Laboratory.
  • further studies such as master's or PhD scholarship in the U.K and other parts of the world.

The students will work on various training modules under the corresponding group. They will work independently alongside existing research team and contribute to the team’s full time bench work. This training will help the candidates get trained in various histology, microbiology, and molecular techniques

Phase 1 Modules

Theory of histological techniques

Theory of Microbiological techniques

At the end of the training period, the students are expected to submit a report and complete a theoretical examination. The students will be presented with certificates in a formal event in the presence of the directors. They will also benefit from a letter of recommendation from our team for their visa application processes should they wish to complete their phase 2 practical training in one of our U.K laboratories

Phase 1 entry requirement

  • Result from previous years for current university students in any science field or,
  • Undergraduate degree from any Science field

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Minimum entry requirement for Phase 2

  • Undergraduate degree (ongoing or completed)
  • Phase 1 LabMedExpert Accredited Certificate

How will this program benefit you

  • Our hands-on training provides you with an opportunity to explore the practical aspects of biomedical science with everyone having access to our bespoke equipment.
  • In addition to our training, you will be exposed to work ethics and laboratory procedures that would enable you stand out at job recruitments.
  • The program will allow you to build your own skills.
  • You can explore the United Kingdom and broaden your cultural awareness.

Visa Application

It should be noted that LabMedExpert does not guarantee a visa. Phase 1 must be completed to apply for Phase 2. LabMedExpert is accredited by British Accreditation Council ( as a result of our excellent quality training programmes. A complete guidance for travel, accommodation, and visa application processes could be found on the UK government website ( LabMedExpert is pleased to announce that we fulfil the requirement for offering U.K practical training to international students as long as all other travel requirements are met.


LabMedExpert has its accommodation arrangements for trainees. This accommodation is a 15-minute walking distance from the University of Wolverhampton Science Park, where our training laboratories are located. This is to ensure that all trainees are comfortable and safe during their training.

This service is available to international students who wish to have a place to reside for the duration of their training. Please note that student accommodation is on a first come first serve basis.

All rooms provided have the following amenities

  • Heating
  • Wifi
  • Single bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Chair
  • Desk
  • Hand basin
  • 24-hour security. 24-hour security.

Laundry is available @ £1.50 per wash and £1.50 per dry.

The cost of a single room is £90 per week. There is a one-off payment of £18/week for beddings.

At the training centre

Under 18 trainees will study with adults and are required to attend every lesson and be punctual.

Holidays or days off cannot be taken by under 18s without parental consent. If trainees are absent, the Centre will try to contact them, if no response is gotten, a member of staff will check up on them in their accommodation and follow ups would be made to ensure the trainee is safe.


LabMedExpert does not provide 24-hour supervision, however we give adequate advice on how to stay safe.

Care and Support

LabMedExpert is committed to providing a safe conducive environment for all trainees. During the induction, trainees are introduced to members of staff, and are taken through the tour of the facility. Health and safety procedures are also introduced in very comprehensive manners. Trainees have access to members of staff in case they have questions and need any form of assistance.

Important Information

International applicants are required to make a full payment for phase 1 training during their online application.

For candidates who are willing to proceed to phase 2 U.K laboratory-based training at LabMedExpert, a full payment must be made during their application.

You can pay through Direct bank transfer, PayPal, Debit or Credit Card: Click here to paythedepositandsecureyourspace. (“here”shouldbehyperlinktopay) (Please note that the parental guidance should fall under important information)

LabMedExpert may also accept foreign currency through our partners in European countries and Africa, please contact us if you need more information on the currencies we accept.

Information for parents / guardians of International trainees under the age of 18.

LabMedExpert welcome trainees from various part of the world. Our trainings are primarily aimed at adults over the age of 18 years. However, we do welcome candidates who are between 16 and 18 on Medical Laboratory Assistant Trainings (MLATs).

LabMedExpert values the presence of international students and recognizes the significance of providing a conducive environment and suitable living and learning environments for all students. However, we do have requirements in place that needs to be met.

Parental Consent.

All trainees under the age of 18 are required to provide a signed Parental/Guardian consent form, prior to their arrival. No under 18s are eligible to be registered until the Consent Form has been signed, returned and processed. This helps LabMedExpert to confirm that Parents/Guardian understands not only the rules we have in place for the under 18s but also the level of supervision we provide for them.

LabMedExpert will contact the parent/guardian through the contact details provided in case of any emergency, break of any rules and the consequences.

Additional Information

  • Our courses and practical trainings are provided all year round.
  • Our team is willing to provide all the necessary support throughout the visa process.

For more information on this program, you can contact the LabMedExpert enquiry team. (The relevant contact and name should be included here)

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To provide the best experiences, we use technologies like cookies to store and/or access device information. Consenting to these technologies will allow us to process data such as browsing behaviour or unique IDs on this site. Not consenting or withdrawing consent, may adversely affect certain features and functions.