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LabMedExpert Diagnostic Limited is one of the largest and most technically advanced private providers of pathology services in the UK. We provide first-class quality services in our state of the arts microbiology, molecular pathology, Clinical Chemistry, and Cellular Pathology laboratories. Our cellular pathology services include cut-up, processing, and reporting of wet Biopsy specimens and pre-prepared blocks or slides.

We offer the most comprehensive portfolio that spans the entire workflow from biopsy to diagnosis. With unique expertise, we are dedicated to driving innovations that connect people across pathology, surgery, and oncology. Our experts are committed to delivering high Quality and Optimised Efficiency leading to breakthrough advances in diagnostic confidence. Our focus is primarily but not limited to providing a seamless, tailored customer experience and improved diagnostic pathways for private healthcare services, private clinics, hospitals and the NHS for faster delivery of diagnosis. LabMedExpert tailors its services to suit its clients, whether it is within an NHS Trust or a private clinical provider. Our services are of a high standard and are provided by an extensive team of the UK’s leading Specialist Consultant Pathologists and overseen by our Medical Director Professor. J.G Haas.

Our Mission

To provide excellent quality diagnostic services to all service users. This will be achieved through our highly skilled and experienced team members within our state of the arts facilities.

Our vision

LabMedExpert Diagnostics strive to be the most trusted, efficient, reputable, reliable and accessible laboratory provider in the U.K. We will work closely with all stakeholders to deliver uncompromising patient-centred services for all.

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