Microtomy Training

Introductory to Microtomy


Microtomy can be defined as the sectioning of paraffin-embedded tissue block that has been routinely processed using tissue processing machine. The most frequently used microtome in the histology laboratory is the rotary microtome. This type of microtome is usually used for sectioning paraffin-processed tissue samples between 2 and 10 microns in thickness.

Is this training for me?

This training is specifically designed to address the shortage of trained staff within the cellular pathology laboratory. This training is suitable for Medical Laboratory Assistant (MLA) who is currently working within the NHS or private laboratory and wishes to acquire microtomy skills. This training will enable you to achieve competency in cutting various type of tissues.


  • 3 days intensive training

Course contents

  • Health and Safety
  • Operation and Maintenance of rotary microtome (Manual and Semi-automatic)
  • Section cutting skills
  • Problem-solving skills

Course Outcome

  • Our trainees will be able to cut quality sections using rotary microtome at the end of their training


  • This training will save the employer the time it takes to train new employees or existing member of staff on how to perform microtomy.
  • CPD accredited certificate will be awarded upon completion of this training and could be entered in your CPD-log on the IBMS website.
  • 20% discount to NHS Staff/ private organisation

Available time slots

Mon – Wed: 10:00 – 16:00

Wed – Friday: 10:00 – 16:00

  • Cost

Contact us for the training cost


This training is only suitable for those currently working as MLA or new employees who will have access to microtome after completing their training with us.

If you are looking for work within the NHS or Private laboratory and you do not have the required experience, then our Intensive Histology Package is much suitable for you.